The First Chapter

At thirty-years-old Kerry Girling is a veteran motivational speaker—having spoken to over one million students all across North America. Early in life he discovered an intense passion for inspiring youth of all ages—a passion to accomplish what others said was near impossible, to change the world as film producer and motivator. Kerry has spent the past eleven years speaking to students (grades five and up) on positive life style choices. He continues to speak to packed auditoriums encouraging students by the thousands to live healthy , positive lifestyles.
At the age of twenty-eight and the pinnacle of his career Kerry was faced with a life altering experience—an early life crisis. He speaks in-depth about the obstacles he faced that led him to that breaking point. Kerry brings you on a journey as he searches for his own forgiveness and acceptance as he relives events of his past and shares his heartfelt memories.
Kerry shares how he has closed the first chapter in his life, and how he eliminated all crippling fears, disappointments, failures and mistakes. By sharing, in intimate detail, personal and professional life stories with you—Kerry walks you through steps on how to your fears and move to the next chapter of your own life.
This is recommended to anyone who has had to face early-life crisis. For those who want to let go of their past and move forward in their lives. It will make you want to harness the positive qualities in life, and will help you leave all negativity behind.


The First Chapter is unlike any other self-help book



The Next Chapter

Kerry Girling has traveled the depths to motivate, inspire and encourage every aged person of every walk of life. His passion is inspiring teens, parents, adults and anyone who has an interest to succeed. Through his inspiring and motivating high school speeches, in over 500 communities, over the past eleven years, he has guided over one million youth across to achieve their goals and find their passions.His inspiration came early in life, at the age of eighteen, after a devastating loss of a high school friend, from a nasty drinking & driving experience that took his life. Kerry chose to grasp onto the positive and used the experience as leverage to encourage teens to make healthy choices. Within his talks, he explored the minds of thousands of his listeners to break-down the fundamentals of success. Including many of his own experiences, he shares with you his wisdom of how you can bring any of your dreams or aspirations to fruition, in any realm.

After writing The First Chapter, while eliminating the harsh sadness, remorse and frustration from negative past experiences, Kerry chose to enlighten himself on a spiritual journey, which led him into The Next Chapter of his life and has continuously led to happiness in all areas of life. He explains to you his secrets – the power of spirituality, the importance of the law of attraction and how you can use it in your life; he delves deep into the fundamentals of success, which include: Motivation, inspiration and energy and he walks you through the characteristics of happiness and success.

This book will help you. It will inspire you. It will enlighten you and encourage you to believe again. It will make you happy. It will bring new ideas that will lead to your passionate side. It will make you want to laugh again, love again, and it will make you want a lot more out of yourself! Pick it up, take it home and read it!

 TheChapterOfEnlightenmentCoverThe Chapter of Enlightenment

After writing The First Chapter, and The Next Chapter, Kerry Girling was inspired to write The Chapter to Enlightenment. His goal is to share his words of wisdom to those that want to be truly enlightened.Starved for achievement in many realms, Kerry broke through his own limitations early in life, as he directed hundreds of public speeches to troubled high schooled students. While fighting the most common fear of public speaking, he discovered his own passion for helping teenagers succeed. He has since then been dedicated to inspiring youth of all ages to fulfil their dreams.

Kerry Girling is a man of many motivating words. He grew up in central Canada, as a Metis, with the mindset believing that anything is possible. While searching for his own passions in life, he remained committed as a youth motivational speaker and educational film producer to enhance the quality of lives of youth across North America.


Spoken to over one million students, in over five hundred communities, on bullying, goal setting, finding passion and other youth issues, his ultimate goal is to continue his inspiration to teens and adults Worldwide.